In search of the elusive #Bondnote, of Star FM’s intimacy with prophets


By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Zimpapers-owned commercial radio station’s (Star FM) overdrive giving air time to the man of the cloth is raising the ire of some listeners who think it is now way too much.

On social media, people are expressing discontent with the radio station which was last year rated by  Zimbabwe All Media Products Research (Zamps) as having amassed 51 percent of the urban population listenership,   saying its intimacy with prophets leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s no secret that the station is facing hard times just like any other new radio station and Star FM appears to have found a lucrative revenue booster from the prophets who are also luring congregants to their ministries.

Popular prophets like PHD Ministries leader Walter Magaya, Goodness and Mercy Ministry founder Tapiwa Freddy, House of Grace Ministries leader Prophet Shame Hungwe among many others are now permanent features of the radio’s programming and advertorials.

The programmes and advertorials seem to be aired anytime of the day so much that it becomes difficult to those who are not interested to evade them.

One colleague of mine once said, “since there are rumours of incentives for radio presenters on outside broadcasting duty, it seems there’s stampede among fellow radio presenters to endear themselves to the prophets and traditional leaders so that they can get mula”.

The brand ‘Star  FM’ is now a subject of ridicule as some have now christened it ‘Prophets FM’. Other listeners are also being put off by the ‘adult-programmes’ that are done by popular Tilda Moyo which some feel they are too pornographic.

Last year, Kuwadzana East legislator Nelson Chamisa raised the concern in parliament with the Ministry of Media, Broadcasting and Information Services to look into the issue saying there was a possibility that the programmes were reaching to children and young adults and could have negative repercussions.

With the public outcry over the station’s obsession with the prophets, it is up to the management  to take a gamble-either or to ignore the listeners’ plea which is most likely to be detrimental all in the name of chasing the elusive dollar.




Youthiez deserved more from interface rallies than the current hullabaloo


By Wisdom Mumera

After the 8th rally, the President’s Youth Interface rallies are reaching the last stage and their cumulative effect and the summary of their whole has been something so apart from their normative description as a youth oriented programme.

They have been reduced to podiums for factional fighting, enemy bashing and witch-hunting.

All the hopes that the youths may have had about the head of state addressing their needs for jobs and a stable economy have been thrown to the wind as the octogenarian chose to defend his selfish interests and fending off ambitious allies.

The youths concerns, instead of being addressed, have been compressed into convenient utensils used by the two, President Mugabe and the First Lady to attack their opponents.

The last rally is a case in point.

“Some youths are saying (President) Mugabe is now old and should be replaced by Mnangagwa. When these errant youths are expelled for indiscipline Mnangagwa would be quiet and then it worries us when we see them at his house.

“So Mrs Mnangagwa, when you see these expelled members of the party coming to your house you must beat them up; that’s what a responsible mother does, you need to discipline your children, including errant ones so that they do the right things,” said the First Lady.

Besides Mnangagwa, the Mugabe’s have also attacked Information Permanent Secretary George Charamba whom Grace undressed before a bumper crowd.

The two have also used the rally to feed the nation snippets of their preferred succession channel with hints of Sydney Sekeramayi, echoing Prof Moyo’s SAPES Trust lecture, all of which is not central to the needs of the country’s youths.

The youths of Zimbabwe are in need of jobs of which the Zanu government promised 2 million before the 2013 elections. Having dismally failed to provide, it was prudent that they carry around a valid explanation during these Youth themed rallies to assuage the electorate they deceived and failed.

Mugabe recently admitted that his government had failed and “described the parastatals as literally dead and ready for burial whilst addressing captains of industry at State House in Harare”.

That same admission should be carried to the youths, not just the captains of industries most of whom are not bearing the full brunt of the current economic shambles. There are sanitised hiccups of foraging for banks from which to take money whilst for the youths the battle starts with finding the very source of the money.

The Mugabe’s are hijacking a whole party’s program and belittling it into a mere family matter of fending off enemies from their strangling hold onto power without any substantial focus on the wider issues is a travesty of moral justice.

All those Zanu PF supporters (even if they demonstrate over issues they don’t understand) deserve more than the unscripted railings of the First Lady.

They deserve more than the monotony of historical tales of what gossip guerrillas talked about each other during the 1970’s.

In their silly fanaticism, falsely hailed by fat power holders as patriotism, those bottom wiggling women deserve much more than hot gossip about lecherous leaders and their escapades at small houses.

Zimbabwe is much more than a small clique of liberators with drowsy hangovers from too long a time in power.

A time has to come when the debt for what they did has been paid enough and they have to move on to the farms, the Singapore’s and 18 bedroomed mansions.


Are we developing a soft spot for Lacoste?


By Itai Bryan

A look at the swaying public sentiment regarding one of the Chief protagonists in #ZANUPF’s succession wars.


Dear Anne, now that the talk of panties is over…


By Madman Filtered Esq.

Ukwanile kodwa? Don’t answer that. We don’t know what influence you have over the minister to get him to take your side against a thick-ass foreign chic without underwear, but we are in consensus there is a lot of more fucked up shit out there to write about him.

Let’s take the case of Lady B for example. Why don’t you tell your Minister of youthiez about the kid who’s being denied her youth by none other than the same government he represents for it is they who have created this environment, an environment which allows for children to be desperate to the point of prostitution? Nine years old? A fucking nine year old ripped apart by a grown man’s lust? Let’s put that shit in perspective: pick any girl from your grade four class. That’s Lady B.

Then you want to tell us about culture? What culture? Whose culture? Culture used to say ‘it takes a village to raise an idiot’, no sorry, a child, the idiot is you who refuses to use your apparent influence for the betterment of shit but instead chooses to censor people’s right of wearing an underwear.

Then you have the balls (yes balls, you are a very attractive woman but you are under sanctions, sanctions involve name calling, that’s the Zimbabwean culture. Words like ‘warmonger have been flighted by a man who sent troops to Mozambique, DRC and his own country in every decade of his reign)…the balls to say you admire Grace, appear in solidarity after a brutal assault which cost the country…let me see? Not much, just its dignity (ladies, especially first ones don’t go about fucking up people in hotel rooms), dignity (the great Pan African’s sons are holed up in Johannesburg, why not at home? Why are they not I don’t know… Lending help in Sierra Leonne), dignity because your president’s wife almost got dragged to court in a foreign land for assault like some nyaope-smoking hoodlum. And yes, slightly over half-a-million Rands in damages to be paid. This culture you represent is fucking appalling.

So, why not write to the First Lady whom you admire so much, through the minister who obeys you so well, to…I don’t know, put this child in some orphanage, any orphanage, she can take her pick. Don’t tell me the so-claimed mother of the nation can’t find a suitable home for a poor little black girl now? Or is the First Lady(?) Is busy jumping rope with extension cords to the beat of ‘Eye of The Tiger’?


Will The Winning Politician Have Asocial Media Account In 2018?


By Wisdom Mumera

Social media has been the chief catalyst for increased political discourse and the rise of activism by bringing politics nearer and engagement being done within a ‘safer’ context.

According to Ciara McCorley, Research Fellow, African Development and Democracy, University of Sussex the number of social media users has increased providing an easy to reach source of disgruntled people.

“WhatsApp has been widely used as a tool to mobilise. It accounts for 34% of all mobile data used in Zimbabwe, Facebook reports 260,000 daily users, of 890,000 Zimbabweans online which accounts for 3% of mobile broadband usage in the country. Newsday, an independent news outlet, increased its Twitter network by 10,000 followers in the past month alone”, she says.

2018 elections, however, provide a litmus test for the effective use of social media to influence political discourse and indications on the ground don’t point towards a period of hashtag politicians tweeting jabs on social media fighting for voters as the precedent of activists hinted.

ZANU PF has seemingly ignored the techno-savvy way of soliciting for supporters and rallying them through social media.

Few who have harnessed or found themselves on social media have been primarily using it for internal wars, (Jonathan Moyo, Justice Mayor Wadyajena) or have been hijacked in their unguarded moments (Psychology Maziwisa on jobs, President Mugabe’s infamous sleeping videos on Twitter).

ZANU has been engaging youths through traditional ways, holding rallies and marching in the streets. Youth Interface Rallies have been testaments to the ruling party’s powers to mobilise people sans tech-gimmicks, and a direct middle-finger snubbing of social media capers.

The opposition has also not dived into social media with the zeal of activists but has been guarded having it both ways with a strong emphasis on traditional methods just like ZANU PF.

A select few of its members like MDC-T VP Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti leader of PDP on Twitter and Jessie Majome on Facebook have been utilizing social media with any consistency.

The party’s social platforms such on Facebook and Twitter are seldom updated, and then, usually with pictures from rallies already held.

Thus for the politicians, social media is yet to be a core instrument as exhibited by activists from 2016 remaining largely the gadgetry for the adventurous only to be used sparingly.

For online activism government has crafted the Cyber Crime Bill which will increase monitoring.

A July report by the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) says 18 African governments requested for information on over a hundred people on Facebook in 2016.

“The leading countries are Sudan which made 35 requests for information on 39 Facebook users between 2013 and 2016 followed by Egypt and South Africa which both made 33 requests.

“It is a similar story for Google which had 10 African countries requesting information about online users”, it said.

Without a legal provision equipping her with power, Zimbabwe is still lagging but the passage of the bill will surely see an increase.

As for the elections, the tools are still mainly the same old ones and the winner may not need to be tweeting his winning speech.