LIVE VIDEO: Pastor Evan Mawarire granted bail – Lawyer reveals bail conditions


by Nyasha Mukapiko 

Pastor Evan Mawarire today was granted US$300 bail at the #Zimbabwe High Court by Judge Phiri. Going through evidence submitted by state, judge Phiri defined the evidence as very weak.
In opposing bail, the state classified Evan Mawarire as celebrated terrorist who was likely to interfere with his bail conditions.
Bail conditions:
*Make a deposit of US$300 bail deposit
*Report twice every week to police
*Surrender passport
*Applicant not to interfere with state witnesses
Check video of Mawarire’s lawyer Harrison Nkomo as he briefs the press.

Evan Mawarire, The Popcorn Generation & The Messiah Syndrome


by Dirk Frey 

Evan Mawarire’s return to Zimbabwe after 6 months in exile set Zimbabwean social media ablaze. The tone of the furore is very similar to the last time it happened, when he left.

At the time, I wrote an article on why I thought the emotiveness and snap judgements were misplaced. A few months down the line, I’m unsurprised to see the same sort of thing play itself all over again.

We are, after all, part of the popcorn generation. Safely behind our screens, our generation has grown accustomed to be entertained. We heap scorn on people who sing better than we do, play sports better than we do, cheat with people more attractive than we get to hook up with. Our tabloid scene is voracious and brings out the worst in its audience, an audience desperate to be distracted from everyday reality.

Yet apart from this aspect, there’s an extra depth to the Mawarire storm – that of disappointment and bitterness (and a seasoning of disinformation). When Evan fled, people thought the citizen’s movement died with him (which is inaccurate). They thought of him as the man who would magically change everything. They were wrong. They built an ordinary family man and pastor, thrust into activism, into a god-warrior, a superhuman messiah. And when it turned out he is only human, they blamed him for it.

Now everyone longs for a messiah at some point, to a certain extent. But this hankering of Zimbabweans for a deus ex machina that will appear in their hour of need and solve all their problems seems disproportionate.

I think that the same way an individual is shaped by their childhood, so our nation’s psyche is marked by our history. And if I look back on our history, I can see the roots of this messiah syndrome.

The rationale of colonialism – how it was sold to the public of the colonising countries – was that they were bringing Christian civilization to benighted barbarians. And in return, the grateful natives were all too happy to swear allegiance to various crowns and governments. Oh, and put in backbreaking work in mines and plantations.

Those that did the actual colonising (and profited handsomely from it) knew that in order to impose their way of doing things, they needed to subvert the existing culture and social structure. Which is why some of the first emissary-scouts to King Lobengula and the changimires that weren’t his vassals were missionaries. In European culture at the time, men wore long trousers but boys wore shorts. Symbolically, in Rhodesia, trousers were on the whole worn by white men. Black men, no matter how old, would wear shorts and be called ‘boy’. The colonial belief that the people in Zimbabwe were child-like and unsophisticated was force-fed to the descendants of empire-builders. To this day, some of my country-people believe that until whites arrived, their ancestors wear spear-wielding savages.

However, the missionaries brought something else – a religion that taught that the savage can find salvation through the Messiah. All that is required is complete submission, to ‘be good’, and the gates to the Kingdom of Civilization shall open. This dynamic, in which the majority of the population is submissive and trained to follow instructions, didn’t disappear at Independence. In fact, the new (and since then only) government saw that it was in its interest to exploit this, and set themselves up as a new Messiah, who saved the people from the old one.

It is time to wake up, Zimbabwe. No one is going to appear and magically make our problems disappear. Not Pastor E, not any other prophet political. We have to do it ourselves. We told you at the times, heck, Evan told you too. It’s not about an individual. It’s about the cause. At the end of the day, it is children that look to a seemingly all-powerful, all-knowing adult (a parent, a teacher…) to fix their mistakes and show them what to do. We are no longer children.

So you don’t like Pastor Evan? It’s not about him, it’s about all of us!


So you don’t like Pastor Evan? That’s ok. But we have to look at the bigger picture a lot of activists who have spoken up against the government have found themselves behind bars. If it can happen to Patson Dzamara, Promise Mkwanazini and Evan, it can happen to you to. These vocal young men and women are not the only victims of our governments clamp down. We are all affected. Its not about him its about all of us. Watch the video.

So you don’t like Pastor Evan? That’s ok he is not the only one affected by our governments clamp down. We are all affected. Its not about him its about all of us.

Evan Mawarire arrested again. Here is what we know now! #ThisFlag


by Munya Bloggo

Pastor Evan Mawarire the leader of #ThisFlag movement has been in exile for the past 6 months. He returned home and was quickly arrested by state security agents at the airport in Harare. Evan had been in exile after threats to his kids and family intensified in July 2016. He was returning a day after his wife’s birthday and weeks after the birth of his new baby in the USA. Reports indicate that Evan Mawarire travelled alone and preferred to keep his return as private as possible.

Just before heading to Harare he gave The Daily Maverick South Africa an interview in which he said l am not a Fugitive. Zimbabwe is my home, l have comitted no crime.

Shortly after his arrival at harare international airport he was detained by the immigration officials and then later taken to Harare Central Police station.


The news broke out out on social media and shortly after updates from @ThisFlag1980 the official twitter account for #ThisFlag confirmed the reports as videos of Pastor Evan Mawarire emerged with him in handcuffs at the police station in the company of Advocate Fadzayi Mahere and other #ThisFlag members.

Information from his lawyer indicates that he is being charged under Section 22 of the Criminal Code for subverting a Constitutional government. This is the  same charge that was leveled against him and resulted in an internet shutdown and an 18 hour siege on Rotten Row magistrates court in Harare by his supporters in July 2016. Mawarire is facing fresh count of subversion for organizing New York demos against President Mugabe last year which Zanu PF called a flop and for demos that took place during the 6 months that he has been away.

Today in Harare Evan Mawarire is being represented by Harrison Nkomo and is currently being questioned by police at Harare Central.  The police in Zimbabwe can detain a person for upto 48 hours before they appear before a magistrate.

More updates as we get them.