#Twimbos react to $1 Billion Mugabe University


By Munya Bloggo

News of a university in honour of President Robert Mugabe was released today. The Robert Mugabe University is set to be built in Mazowe following cabinet approval and a US$1 billion grant. Zimbabweans expressed their frustration not only because Zimbabwe is broke but because there many other things that money can be used for. Ange over the decision was evident on social media. Check out some of the top tweets.

Govt May Assume A Staggering US$500 Million Worth Of Council Bills


By Daniel Chigundu

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa says the government is considering assuming about US$500 million worth of bills that were written off by local authorities. The government in 2013 ordered local authorities in the country to cancel all household outstanding bills from February 2009 to June 2013 as a way of addressing the alleged shambolic billing methods that were being used.

The cancellation, however, left most local authorities in huge challenges as they could not effectively provide critical services such as water, refuse collection, road maintenance among many others owing to lack of finances. Addressing a local government investment conference, Minister Chinamasa said the government needs to find practical ways of assisting affected local authorities.

“Cancellation of bills will never happen again, US$500 million was lost through cancellation, and we need to find ways to assist affected councils.

“And we are considering practical ways of doing this, and one of the ways we might be doing this is to assume the debt as government,” he said

The government has been using a debt assumption strategy as a way of making its various debt ridden parastatals attractive to potential investors.

Just recently Cabinet approved the assumption of over US$1 billion worth of debts that have been accumulated by critical state enterprises in a bid to bring them back in line. Some of the enterprises earmarked to benefit from the approval include Air Zimbabwe (US$334 million), National Railways of Zimbabwe (US$200million), Zisco Steel (US$374 million) and Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. The government has already taken over about US$1.35 billion worth of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe debts.
The debt assumption will have a huge effect on the country’s huge debt overhang which is said to be around US$11.3 billion of which US$4billion is domestic debt.

Meanwhile, Minister Chinamasa has urged local authorities to adhere to the government directive on the allocation ratio of funds.

“Local authorities should never forget that their role is to provide reliable, affordable and quality service to our people and not enriching a few individuals!

“Government, therefore, expects local authorities to comply with the directive by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing that I will restate: 30% of the budget – employment costs; and 70% of the budget – should go towards service delivery.

“I am pleased that some councils and municipalities have started complying with the said directive. I implore the non-compliant authorities to follow suit,” he said.

The Finance Minister also revealed that government will assist those local authorities, whose finances are in order and currently being well-managed to invest in infrastructure development, adding his ministry stand ready to give them borrowing powers duly signed by Treasury and; the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.-ENDS

Will The MDC Alliance  Pass  The  Litmus Test?


By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Saturday 5 August at Highfield’ s Zimbabwe Grounds saw the signing of a pact with some opposition forces where they unanimously agreed to rally behind one presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC-T in next year’s polls.

It was historic indeed as it brought together MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai,  founding secretary general of MDC Professor  Welshman Ncube and his successor Tendai Biti.Also coming in handy was the solidarity by the civic organization and social movements particularly #This Flag and Tajamuka ably represented by Pastor E and Promise Mkwananzi respectively. The feeling was nostalgic judging with how the majority of the supporters who thronged the grounds celebrated when Professor Ncube conceded that they erred in the past and the time had come for redress.

The coming in of smaller opposition outfits like Transform Zimbabwe led by Jacob Ngarivhume, former ambassador and brigadier general Agrippa Mutambara-led ZimPF, Zanu Ndonga and MDC is likely to bolster the former prime minister’s chances of winning the presidency.

Dubbed the MDC alliance, the event also showed the flip side of the coalition notably the absence of the other top brass of the MDC-T executive that includes the party’s  first vice president Thokozani Khupe and national organizing secretary Abedinico Bhebhe who were conspicuous by their absence. It was a tell-tale sign that all is not well in the MDC-T and this was later confirmed by the reports of the violence that was meted on the aforementioned executive members who blame the party’s president for unleashing ‘thugs’ on them. This is likely to see a split of the party which would then derail the efforts of the coalition.

The level of intolerance that the main opposition party’s  supporters exhibited when ever people from the civic society and other opposition leaders took to the podium was sickening. Tendai Biti of PDP was a subject of boos and labeling when he delivered his speech and this could be detrimental for the coalition to be effective. The supporters would not tolerate any party slogan despite the event being a multi-party event.

The pact has also left many young and aspiring leaders  feeling being left out as they feel the sharing of parliamentary and council seats is going to limit them. It is this regard  that political activist Acie Lumumba expressed his criticism of the coalition  on his facebook account

The notion that because MT has the numbers so he should be supported baffles me, RGM too has the numbers; so why don’t we all support him? He who has the numbers must use them to support he who has an actual plan for the country. If MT does have a plan, please educate me on what it is? Having said that, a coalition is the right way forward, but we must interrogate the kind of coalition we are referring to.

“A coalition with no youth or female leadership is not reflective of the Zimbabwe I want, in fact, is insulting to the youth and women leaders in Zimbabwe. It will NEVER get my support and I am prepared to defend that position. I am too invested in Zimbabwe to be politically correct so GTF out of here with that mess” he wrote.

Other opposition parties like Mujuru’s NPP, Simba Makoni’s MKD, Elton Mangoma and Dabengwa-led ZAPU just to mention but a few feel coalition is not yet a done deal and if they are not considered this is likely to stunt the growth  of this new baby-MDC alliance.

Spiderman Home-Coming, Or Spiderboy Home-Working


By Director Z / Tatenda Mbudzi

Disclaimer: the following reviews, opinions will be extremely biased. BUT also come from a place of empathy, as the writer is a writer/director actor, and no-one ever sets out to make bad film. In most cases. PLUS the author has worked at a bunch of Hollywood Studios long enough to understand, love and simultaneously hate the miracle of modern filmmaking.   

Came home! From like, the CIVIL WAR movie! Or should I say the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, TV show – that ironically started to feel like a movie the moment SPIDERMAN was introduced.

Can we talk about feeling.? SPIDER MAN! He made the trailer for CIVIL WAR a historic moment –

BUT – I don’t think he made it home just yet. Not as SPIDER…..MAN

MILD to BLAZING RED HOT SPOILERS ahead. If you have not watched the SAM RAIMI, MARC WEBB, and who is the latest guy? (Ha – just kidding, but really, why can’t I recall his name. Hmmm. ) Jon Watts! Then shoot yourself in the foot.


Look, the movie was very enjoyable – I especially like the use of CINEMA VERITE, FOUND FOOTAGE style film technique to give a SNAP-CHAT-esque window into the AIRPORT FIGHT SCENE. I think this was added especially to make GENERATION Y and Z feel at “HOME”. (how many home puns can I use here, try me)

And I thought the rest of the film was OK.

Filmmaking is hard.

Why am I writing this article again?  Because I was expecting a proper re-launch into SPIDERMAN – because there was this hope that it would be done “right”. But it didn’t hit the mark for me. Tom Holland was great – finally, a teenager playing a teenager – never mind that he is a British Teenager, playing an American Teenager.

Did I say filmmaking is hard? It really is.

I just feel overall that this was really an episode of SPIDER BOY – and not SPIDERMAN – and you could say “Well Disney and Marvel are taking their time to establish the character”. Yes, you could say that. You could say it out loud as you read this. The fact remains – Young Spidey doesn’t really come into his own enough in this story.

What we are watching, is really a prolonged first act (dare I say PILOT EPISODE –ugh). We don’t get a sense of life or death level threat to Spiderman’s “world”. And yes, some have said, “Oh it’s nice that it’s a smaller story”. True, but it still has to feel life or death, the stakes have to be there….

It all just feels one step away from being as VISCERAL as it should be. It’s just a little too safe. There are great comedic moments of banter between characters, BUT, not enough of an engine to feel like the adventure as a whole matter.

This said – I really did love the ELEVATOR scene – finally, the prospect of DEATH makes an appearance! But still, this isn’t a direct result of the VILLAIN deliberately making things hard for Spiderman, so we I felt a little lackluster. “THAT’S COOL!” but it doesn’t say anything about the conflict between the two main characters. If VULTURE was a committed villain, wouldn’t he have risked endangering his daughters’ life to get what he wanted?


I hate to agree with the popular consensus  – but. Screw it. (see what I did there)

DOC OC is currently the best villain in the EXTENDED/ADOPTED Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still. I mean, I can’t think of any others at the moment.

I mean, not to sound weird, but VISUALLY – he is a sexy villain. The animation of the arms was great  – and his desire for greatness led to the death of his WIFE. YAY! DEPTH!

I just don’t get that sense of depth from EL VULTURE.

I am a long time Spidey Fan, getting comics sporadically from the Kingstons bookstore in ZIM, and just gobbling them up, and drawing Spidey after John Romita Jr. I am not familiar with the VULTURE the way I know DOC OC.

DOC OC is the staple character of the CARTOON SPIDERMAN from the 90’s – so I am a little biased.

Still, when DOC OC hits the screen in SPIDERMAN 2 (2005) we see a morphed creature –inseparable from the appendages that make him what he is.

I do not see the same sort of HUBRIS or desire for power manifested as a result of the VULTURE WINGS. Now I’m not saying they needed to be burnt into Michael Keaton’s spinal column and nervous system by a malfunctioning AI chip (I mean the AI is a bit of s stretch) BUT – the VULTURE WINGS didn’t push the character of the VILLAIN to a dangerous enough MORAL high ground if you will. There was nothing TRANSFORMATIVE about the use of the Vulture wings.

If SPIDERMAN is about GREAT POWER, coming with GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Then it is also about GREAT POWER coming with great CORRUPTION, and IRRESPONSIBILITY. I see that in DOC OC – and it is visually manifested which is why I find him to be such a satisfying villain to watch.  The arms are a character fused with DOC OC. Man, it’s pretty.

In Spiderman Home Coming – the POWER of the Chi-Tari weapons affects Michael Keatons character on a surface level – his soul is not touched. And it doesn’t have to be touched “supernaturally” – it could be classic greed, like in Breaking Bad. No Magic, just plain human, tragic – ness (that sorta rhymes). Instead, Keaton is almost too normal as a criminal; there is nothing mysterious about him. He isn’t a real challenge for Spiderman because he isn’t evil or vindictive enough from a moral standpoint. And because of this VULTURE cannot push SPIDERBOY into becoming SPIDERMAN. A hero is only as good as his villain someone once said. VULTURE doesn’t create a single TRULY challenging scenario for SPIDER-BOY to figure out his identity.

In fact, the main ANTAGONIST in this FILM is really IRON MAN…who takes away SPIDER BOY’S “unearned” power…How can IRON MAN be more of a bad guy, than the friggin BAD GUY!

In cultures all around the world- there is a RITE OF PASSAGE to becoming a man, great loss, great sacrifice. SPIDERBOY doesn’t have this happen in this movie, so he can’t really be called SPIDER-MAN. In fact, that’s a premature speculation. (See what I did there).

If they changed the title to SPIDER-BOY HOME-WORKING – the film would make more sense, because Peter Parker and his friend do a lot of homework together.

Yay diverse casting in this movie by the way!

Agree or Disagree? Tweet at me, and I’ll respond when the WIFI gods bless me


Tatenda Mbudzi is a filmmaker/comedian who rubs people the wrong way, or the right way (if the price is right)His first feature film Zim High comes out this year- stars Tatenda Mbudzi, and Rick Cosnett from The Flash.

Twitter: @ta10da instagram: tatendambudzi. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetatenda

New Music: Mushawarukwa The Mixtape


Born in the oldest high-density suburb of a city in the eastern high lands of Zimbabwe (a ghetto called Sakubva in the city of Mutare), Flexxo Mushawarukwa’s musical talent was discovered in a primary school choir. As he grew older and living in squalor he began to write poems that were inspired by the experiences that he faced in that area of town. He then felt that it wasn’t enough to just write and not share his heart, that’s when he chose to recite his poems in rap form on street corners.  Upon noticing that his influence was growing he then took it further by taking his poems to a make shift recording studio where he mixed his street corner raps with a rhythm and the rest was history.

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