#Twimbos React To Prophet Magaya Playing For Warriors Legend Team


By Munya Bloggo

According to Pindula, Prophet Walter Magaya is among the most celebrated (yawns*) self proclaimed prophets in Zimbabwe and is the founder of Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries (P.H.D). Magaya rose to prominence in 2012 after his visit to T. B. Joshua (of SCOAN) who is believed to have anointed him to became a ‘great’ prophet.

Magaya who was accused of rape in August 2016 has become “ZIFA’s all-weather friend”  has hosted the national team on several occassions at his Yaddah Hotel. Before the match he was appointed as chief liaison officer of the Zimbabwe Legends team. But it was when he stepped on to the pitch to as a substitutte for Johannes Ngodzo that #Twimbos lost all their chill.


The Persecution Of Martha O’donavan & Why It Should Matter To You | #FreeMartha


Murungu Mutema

Today is Wednesday 8th November. I am just back from the High Court where Martha O’Donovan’s bail hearing has been postponed because the state has not handed in required papers – a standard delaying tactic. This means that Martha (A US citizen) will spend at least one more night in the maximum security section of Chikurubi prison.

If you’re on Zimbabwean social media, you might have heard the name Martha O’Donovan, and seen #FreeMartha. Heck, if you’re outside Zim you might have come across it in international media. Asides from her friends and social circle here in Harare though, most people don’t know her from a bar of soap.

Who is Martha? I first met this young lady in the context of Shoko Festival. I met a lively, intelligent girl interested in music, brought here by her interest in genuine (and mostly underground) hip-hop. When she arrived here, a guest to our country, she knew nothing of local politics, and didn’t really care. She cared about her work, meeting people, getting involved in the creative scene. Like many visitors to our beautiful country, she fell in love with our places and people. 

So why was she arrested? What could a personable and charming young person like her possibly have done to deserve incarceration in Chikurubi? The short answer is nothing.

Martha was arrested on a pretext. When the police picked her up, apparently under instructions from Chinamasa’s dubious new ministry, they said she had insulted or undermined the President. Later the charge of subverting a constitutionally elected government was added. A quick look at Zimbabwean twitter postings will show a plethora of such opinions. Why are none of the others behind bars? And in the first place, what justifies muzzling our constitutional right to free expression?

It is in the timing. Elections are approaching, young people are disenchanted with the government and starting to organize and mobilize against its perennial injustice and corruption. And Moto Republik, Magamba Network’s tech hub, is a creative space full of young minds, a place where progressive, free thinking Zimbabweans meet and work together, resulting in such satirical comedy as Zambezi News and #TheWeek. And to a regime that uses propaganda, misinformation and suppression as means to maintain its shaky grip on power, that sort of space is a threat. They have already tried to use City Council to tear it down on a pretext, which failed. This is part of an ongoing persecution of a bastion of free speech and online journalism. And Martha is caught in the crossfire, an arbitrary target for this regime’s increasingly bizarre acts of repression.

So even if you don’t know Martha, you can support her as an innocent young person being unjustly prosecuted. But at the end of the day, this isn’t about Martha. It’s about you. The second and more important reason you should stand with Martha is that this is the first and surely not the last such case where the new cyber-ministry and bogus claims of cyber-security concerns are used to violate constitutional rights in Zimbabwe. This means that the government will use the pretext of a tweet, a facebook post, perhaps even hearsay, to arbitrarily deprive us of our freedom and tie us up in lengthy and exhausting court proceedings. So this is why you must fight. Rights are just words on paper until they are exercised. Oppressors will never give them to you easily; you must claim them and defend them. And this is the time and opportunity to defend your right to speak freely using the internet and mobile devices. Evan Mawarire was acquitted not least because there were thousands of people outside Rotten Row Magistrates court. So I urge you, speak out. Tweet #FreeMartha. Come to High  court tomorrow Thursday 9 November 2017  in solidarity. Not for Martha, for YOU.

Mwana waTeacher Haarohwe #KalaVernac


By Jeda Tichapakura

KalaVernac is the new Kalabash series supporting Zimbabwe’s indigenous languages! 

Hapana chinhu chinofadza sekuenda kubasa kwababa vako ,kunyanya-nyanya kana baba vako varishefu. Mwana wa Chief Superintended haajairirwe muCamp yemapurisa. Mwana waColonel haanetswe muBarack remaSoja. Mwana waMatron haana chigayi pachikoro ChemaNurse. Hauna zvaunomuita mwana iyeye.

Zuro ndizuro pa mission school pedu patinodzidza, umwe musikana muForm 4 anonzi Mutsa akabatwa arova mwana  muForm2 wemuNext class. Akaita kurikita mwana wevanhu, kumukinditsa zvemugezero chaizvo kusvika pakumupadura ganda repahuma rose iri. Bongozozo iri rakakonzera maungira anenharo. Pachikoro pakaita zhowe zhowe zvekuti musi iwowo hapana kana akadya ku Dining miromo yese ingori kiriri katara-katara kuwawata maStatement eku kuchidzira nyaya.

Zvakambotanga zvichanzi Mutsa achaenda kwaHeadmaster. Zvikanzi achaendeswa ku Disciplinary committee.  Zvikanzi achinzwinyi agonzwinyi. Kupiko, zvakozongoguma nekungonzi Mutsa ihama yaTeacher, haarohwe, ichibva yatopera yakadaro.

Ko hama yaTeacher hairohwe futi seiko iyewo ari mwana wechikoro? Kutanga rinhi ? Dai vari teacher vacho  zve varova  better, hanti  takagara tajaira hunhu hwavo here maTeacher kuti maTeacher anorova vanhu. Manje hama dzavo futi ?

Ah, zvinhu zvemaFavour ehama dzevanhu varipabasa zvinonetsa izvi. Apa takanzwa nemakuhwa kuti Mutsa wacho arikutotsvagirwa nzvimbo KuTeachers College. Manje manje anenge atova teacher futi. Ko munoti anoendepi iye atori nehama iri mu system kare? Achatoitira teaching practise yake ipo pano.

Manje neiwo hunhu hwake hwekuregedzera maoko pavanhu uhwu tichapona here kana ave nemvumo yekurova chaiyo chaiyo ?

Zvisinei hazvo, mangwana tichangoenda kuClass kwacho futi tongonorohwa naTeacher vacho varipo ivavo takamirira kuti Mutsa apedze maExam. Akapassa chete tinenge tawacha. Zvepachikoro chino, haya. Mwana waTeacher haarohwe veduwe.

Robert Mugabe Day: A Mockery Of Epic Proportions


 By Patson Dzamara

That Robert Mugabe’s name is indelibly inscribed and embellished in the hall of Africa’s revolutionary icons is not contestable. In his trail blazing years, Mugabe inscribed a permanent mark on the sand of Africa through vision, ideological clarity and leadership.

Along with liberation luminaries such as Julius Nyerere and Samora Machel, Mugabe played a central role in the liberation of Zimbabwe and of course, many other African nations. Being one of the few surviving strongmen of Africa’s liberation, Mugabe is not only a current brand and political personality, but also a historical figure. As such he is a link between the past and the present.

The reason why Mugabe gets such applause at African conferences is because he is a living representation of the liberation era, which cannot be taken away from him. Even his fiercest critic cannot ignore such a hallmark feature erected on his path. To many, he represents the idea and actuality of victory over the oppressive white minority rule.

However, despite such a decorated resume, Mugabe has done unthinkable things which outweigh his noble contributions in the past. When his legendary exploits of the past are juxtaposed to his current deplorable status, one is convinced beyond any doubt that indeed power corrupts. Mugabe has presided over monumental failures in the past 37 years of his leadership journey. Not only that, he continues to dodder on the affairs of Zimbabwe despite his inability to perform his duties as a result of old age.

In his political and natural sunset, of course, with the help of his thuggish motor-mouth wife, the aged President of Zimbabwe seems determined to drive the final nail into his coffin.

This same Mugabe, on one hand, is an unquestionable liberation personality yet, on the other hand, is an apt embodiment of leadership failure. Mugabe has presided over cataclysmic atrocities against Zimbabweans, such the Gukurahundi massacres, Murambatsvina, violent land grabs, abductions and even murdering his opponents.

The Mugabe led government’s mismanagement has plunged Zimbabwe into economic doldrums. Zimbabwe does not even have a currency of its own. Cash shortages and black market activities have become the order of the day. The majority of Zimbabweans live way below the poverty datum line.

Several millions of Zimbabweans are in need of food aid. Over one million school going children attend school on empty stomachs. Zimbabweans are dying daily of curable diseases belonging to a bygone era such as Typhoid. The rate of unemployment is above 90% and most graduates have resorted to vending almost anything, including their bodies.

It is against this backdrop that I consider the decision and declaration by the government to make Mugabe’s birthday a public holiday not only absurd but a mockery of epic proportions. It is an insult to Zimbabweans who have been led through untold suffering and oppression by the same Mugabe.

In fact, it is actually evil.

Mugabe’s name no longer deserves to be included in the same sentence with the word legacy. Whatever had accrued to his name in terms of legacy has been destroyed by his dismal leadership after the attainment of independence.

Patson Dzamara is a leadership coach, author, political analyst and activist based in Zimbabwe.