Grace committing political suicide


By Watmore Makokoba

In the world of politics, anything done in excess has consequential repercussions at the end, recent developments in ruling party Zanu PF points out to a time bomb mainly emanating from its obsession of grabbing power to get stronger.

The inherent clean-up exercise that became rampant when First Lady Grace Mugabe entered into the political arena has apparently overshadowed the other ‘Crème de la creme’  of the once revolutionary party anointing the first family sorely on the driving wheel, political analysts worry this journey that the first family has started has a tragic ending.

A political analyst based in South Africa, speaking to this publication on condition of anonymity said Grace‘s machination and grandstanding as the defacto leader of Zanu PF, which has resulted in the purging-off of any perceived opponents and pupated saboteurs to her ascendance.

“A politician commits political suicide when they propose or support a move that will cause them to lose a campaign or be removed from office, by taking the route that the first family is taking frontier by Grace Mugabe, popularly known as Dr Stop It, they have soiled Mugabe legacy and consequently ruined their political career,

“Like his childhood colleague and relative James Chikerema described him, that “Mugabe is a loner, keeps to himself”, the Mugabe family has isolated themselves from the country and the party by continuously booting out such a number of party stewards, surely if all these people hate the president, then it’s time for reflecting and retrospection for him.”, he added.

Everything is now literally centred on Mugabe, roads are named after him, and recently, Harare International Airport has been renamed after him, the country’s airline is run by his son in law and considering the pace at which events are unfolding, more is to come.

Obert Gutu, MDC spokesperson described the move to rename the airport as a sign that Zanu is at its weakest stage in history,

“Surely, the gods must really be crazy! The renaming of Harare International Airport to Robert Mugabe International Airport on Thursday, November 9, 2017, marks a new low in both the political and aviation history of Zimbabwe,

” It is beyond debate that as the Zanu PF regime continues to crumble like a deck of cards, Robert Mugabe is fully determined to take the country down with him. He now perceives Zimbabwe as his personal property and not a republic” said Gutu.

“The MDC is a social democratic political part; it is a people’s project and as such, we abhor and condemn any attempt to personalize and privatize national institutions such as the Harare International Airport. The Zanu PF regime, fronted by the nonagenarian, Robert Mugabe, has certainly lost its marbles.”

Describing the first family monopolization manoeuvres on his twitter handle, exiled veteran Journalist Lance Guma posted;

In 2014, it was former Vice President Joice Mujuru who was axed from the party and government along with other bigwigs, including nine provincial chairperson accused of wanting to topple Mugabe from power.

This time the fate fell on Vice President who has been relieved of his duties from government and the party accused of almost similar accusations, and it’s most likely he will not go alone. Through this, the party is shrinking down gradually.

By her suicidal machinations, Grace is creating more enemies than friends and this has tainted her future darker than her past.

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