The Youth Interface Rallies That Never Happened


By Wisdom Mumera

The much hyped about Youth Interface rallies functionally ended in Bulawayo on Saturday when the pair of President Mugabe and his wife Grace all but slammed down the gavel on Mnangagwa’s dismissal with some potent attacks lacking shame and dignity for a man present.

The official closure of the Interface will be Harare but that will be a mere clean-up of the spilt gore; Grace gyrating to her achievements, unknowingly extolling her political vapidity disguised as a shrieking passion for ethical conduct.

Mugabe will be there to massage the crowd with tired justifications for why a career politician should lack the ambition to succeed a creaking octogenarian 3 decades in power and paranoid with Western conspiracies.

In a flash of blood, shameless despotism veiled as ethical conduct and the power of coital relationships, a whole nation’s youths have been left empty-handed, falsely taken along a family’s witch-hunting expedition.

At the end of the 9th Interface rally, the Mugabe’s revealed that the country jaunts were nothing more than clean-up campaign and the normative description of the rallies as youth centred, nothing more than a ploy to get party finances.

They have just concluded their party’s main election campaign strategy by rupturing whatever modicum of unity they still had, disenfranchised another boatload of war veterans and completed the portrait of Grace as a feisty shrew full of colour and nothing more.

That be as it may be, no one sane is crying for Mnangagwa the politician. He got what he has been giving others as part of a senile party whose head is still in the clouds of a war that ended over 3 decades ago.

The real victims of the drama are the many youths who waited for functional and progressive ideas from the already endorsed ZANU candidate.

Bared to his essentials Mugabe was just another campaigning politician out on a campaign to rally supporters and he failed in that regard.

He offered nothing but went back to his hackneyed bashing mode style hitting out at anything that moved towards his position.

Grace did the same, parroting the polygamist’s second wife, always full of gossip, sniping and bitterness which she dished by the bucket over the rallies.

Whilst Mugabe gave the audience a show in a despotic manipulation of events and bared the fangs of his insatiable greed for power, Grace gave the nation a tragic comedy which by yesterday seems to end with her ruling a smouldering kingdom of ashes.

Together they gave the nation a big nothing. Nothing that can be valued.

Nothing for the youths bussed in. Nothing for the villagers dragged from homes by the veiled threat of what happens if you don’t attend. Zilch.

Nothing of use for a nation that on Monday saw the coming in of price controls, a stark reminder of the repression going on economically away from the pornographic political antics of the rallies.

Nothing for graduates with useless papers. Nothing for the banking sector crippled in a cash shortage. Nothing for vendors chased and booted every day.

Youths are still in the dark about jobs. The business environment is still a nebulous grotto of uncertainties and shadiness. True inflation is still increasing. Soon basic commodities may start disappearing from shop shelves due to the price controls and all the Mugabe’s have offered over 9 Youth meetings have been scandals about their enemies.

Mnangagwa may be gone and to hell and back he may go for all Zimbabwe cares but they are over 13 million people whose lives are staring down a dark cavern unless Mugabe and Grace reduce both despotism and eccentricity.

We can all laugh so much watching a First Lady cackling beak out but when a whole nation is burning whilst she prances with the fire hose, the joke becomes a murder.



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