Independent candidate Linda Sibanyoni launches Tirikuchimhanya green campaign.


By Tariro Senderayi

As Zimbabwe gears up for the upcoming elections next year, a new trend of independent youth candidates particularly young women throwing their hats in the ring is becoming of particular interest

Evidently with the colourfull trio made up of  Fadzayi Mahere’s yellow campaign, Linda Masarira’s purple campaign, Vimbai Musvaburi’s blue campaign who have already started their campaigns, the coming on board of yet another young woman  Linda Sibanyoni’s green campaign marks a new political dispensation where independent candidates are becoming popular.

She has declared her candidacy for the Member of Parliament for Harare East constituency seat.

This election seems to be pregnant with fireworks as she shall be contending toe to toe with little known Zanu-PF Terrence Mukupe.

So who is Linda Sibanyoni and why has she decided to step up and be counted? Linda has owned up to the fact that her calling to lead was too strong for her to ignore and in July 2016 she decided to heed the call.

Upon the realisation that sitting on the terraces will not help to retrieve the Zimbabwe national pride, Linda felt it was time to run for public office and effectively represent citizens in the National Assembly.

Her campaign runs on untamed passion as she acknowledges that she is no master on the Zimbabwean situation but is largely driven by the love for her country,  to serve and work for it.

She has also acknowledged that she is not perfect and will make mistakes along the way as it is inevitable human nature, however, she implores fellow youth to treat her like a sister and exercise patience in her journey of growth as a politician because this political journey is not hers alone.

The core values of her green campaign are TO SERVE, DEVELOP and TOLERATE. Linda said she has committed herself to improve the lives of the people in the constituency of Harare East.

Linda calls herself ‘Cde No Chill’, Hezvo factor, MpBae, MpWeVanhu, MpWaBantu in other spaces.

So here’s to 2018 the year of colour coded election campaigns and we welcome the Tirikuchimhanya green campaign in the Harare East Constituency. We shall be watching keenly her campaign.



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