Mujuru’s Dour Coloured Rainbow, Sign of a Coming Storm


The semantics of Mujuru in her speech celebrating the creation of the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) showed a veiled need to sound benign whilst underneath bristled a desire to prance around for coming up with such a sucker punch for her rivals.

The rivals this time are fellow opposition parties whom she has been intended to show she can stand her own ground. The need to show the audience she is a politician enough on her own has overtaken her since there is absolutely nothing of value on a macro-political level, or able to beat Mugabe in the Rainbow Coalition.

Its a mere convergence of colours and nothing else of substance. The PRC is actually the perfect fabled rainbow, a mere assemblage of colours upon which meaning is foisted, pruned and shared around for a community-feeling of goodwill. The storm is over, pull open the drapes and let the sun in.

Mujuru spoke about politicians who have discarded their “individual identities and peculiarities”,  and agreed to be faceless names in a vague association. The description is actually an irony since most of these guys have already been faceless entities whose existence on the political chessboard equates to their being the very pawns Mujuru has made them.

For all their strong feelings against the regime of President Mugabe, Zunde or Dare are not anything related to vital political allies or opponents. They are among the very same company of comedians who have inflated the number of contesting candidates from 35 early in the year to 75 around September according to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

As for PDP, the party is morphing into the studious scholarly craze adept at explaining complex problems but very much befuddled by simple things. Its very split and succeeding conjoining with Mujuru is the very antithesis of everything related to progress and highlights a nitpicking penchant for the irrelevant at the expense of bigger issues.

That Lucia Matibenga and Gorden Moyo have drifted from any reasonable political anchor to find themselves floating in such nebulous creations whose underlining agenda is a mere flexing of egos goes to show the vanity of many predators in opposition politics.

Together with every other nebulous ” visionary” presidential aspirant, some are even in Australia and the UK, Mujuru and her allies are the very phonies deriving personal actualisation by exercising their dreams using the reality of our crippled country.

They are implementing the sermons of the much-hyped about 21st century-craze Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers of being anything you want and gleefully jumping into campaigning. To win or not to win is beside the point of their agenda. All they seek is a statement on their CV’s that once upon a time they competed against Mugabe.

That’s on top of taking as much financial gain from donors hidden in shadows.

Their rallies are mostly on social media where they rant and rave with a barely-covering negligee sheen of anger revealing undertones of a comfortable existence far removed from the tentacles of Mugabe.

After all, how does one explain such political deformities like Munyaradzi Jacob Masiya, Langton Chirinda, Jacob Ngarivhume, Dr Noah Manyika, Sikhosana Moyo and every other pop-out of the blue politician suddenly descending upon the ballot paper and declaring himself the solution on the very eve of elections?

In the political circles, the list actually reads like a Who is Who of non-entities, no-hopers and wet-dreamers out for a real walk.

Mujuru has dragged these types into her bosom and is trying to make the country believe she has an alternative to the MDC Alliance.

The MDC Alliance is not the solution by itself and needs her too just as she needs it if removing Zanu-PF is, in fact, her agenda. Vaunting an empty handshake with political midgets and hobbits whose prime motivation dithers between making the numbers and an addendum in history, into a sanctimonious act is not the smartest way forward.

Mujuru is slowly carving herself into a female version of the old man she left in Zanu-PF, not so much through deeds and populism but steadfastness in refusing the ameliorating grace of sense, logic and convention.

Sometimes the way forward is not a strategic panoply of devices and schemes but a mundane mathematical addition of one and one becoming two and reigning superior to each other’s singleness. The added ones, however, need to be living entities, not political ice-blocks, frozen in anger and ridicule for Mugabe and containing nothing else.

That Mujuru is busy massaging her glowing ego from the rickety dais hoisted by midget political players is an indictment of sincerity being absent and personal ambition reigning.

Her rainbow isn’t the biblical abatement to the deluge but a gloomy warning of worse to come.



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