Kudos To WHO, Mugabe Doesn’t know anything about Zim health system


By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Revoking of President Robert Mugabe’s appointment as World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Goodwill Ambassador on NCDs(Non-Communicable Diseases)has been welcomed by many #Twimbos.

The announcement was made on Sunday after the state media as usual had already gone gaga over his appointment.

The humiliation is a double tragedy to the new Minister of Foreign Affairs Engineer Walter Mzembi after a failed dream to lead the UNWTO, rumours have it that the defeat could have been as a result of his allegiance to the 93-year –old leader.

Now at a time when the foreign minister thought he had made a milestone in his new portfolio, he suffered yet another setback, this can be construed from his tone where he called for a complete overhaul of the UN agencies.

Linda Masarira, political activist who is also vying for the Harare Central legislator’s post in next year’s polls, had earlier posted on Twitter denouncing the appointment before the rescinding


A snap survey by this publication indicates that most citizens welcomed the decision by WHO looking at the sentiments that were posted on social media platforms.

One #Twimbo by the name M Matigari praised the decision applauding all people who stood against the appointment. Below is the excerpt of his post.



Commenting on his twitter handle, former ZBC staffer and NewZimbabwe.com  editor Gilbert Nyambabvu sarcastically said that by revoking the decision, parastatals have been spared from coughing out money through advertorials but might be forced to condemn it.


WHO’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who made the appointment at a high-level meeting on  NCDs in Uruguay on Wednesday, said in a statement on Sunday that he had listened to the concerns of many expressed on social media.


Commenting following his boss’s fate, Mzembi said he respected the decision which had been taken by WHO to reshuffle Mugabe.

President Mugabe spokesperson George Charamba chose to backtrack ignoring facts saying Mugabe had never been appointed as WHO ambassador and could have rejected the offer.

“For his entire stay in Uruguay, there was nothing that was intimated to him suggesting that designation, and, in any case, there is always a formal way of communicating with Heads of States and to date there is no such communication. What it means, therefore, is that the WHO cannot take back what it never gave in the first place, and as far as he is concerned, all this hullabaloo over a non-appointment is in fact a non-event, but a non-event which reflects a negative predisposition towards Zimbabwe”, Charamba was quoted by the state-owned Herald.

Among some of the concerns was that Mugabe is now frail and is always flying to seek medical attention in the Middle East because back home the health delivery system was in the doldrums.


Pic credit: Newsday



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