Chinamasa’s Ministry the pot of gold for internet censure


By Tariro Senderayi

Lets us not be fooled into getting carried away with trivialities. The cabinet reshuffle was orchestrated by his Excellency who has been the chief orchestrator of many things successful since the 1980 administration. The new Ministry of Cyber Security, Threats and Mitigation might just be a blessing that Zanu-PF has been waiting for to descend on regime change agents and activists who have been a painful thorn on the ruling party’s heel for some time. Let us view the ministry and minister in charge of the ministry from the vantage point of what Zanu-PF stands to gain.

As we make fun of Chinamasa’s apparent ‘demotion’ from Minster of Finance to that of a new ministry we should keep in mind that Chinamasa is one of the sharpest legal minds that Zanu-PF has. His expertise has been utilised before in the Ministry of Justice and recently in the Ministry of Finance, now it is time to delve into unchartered waters for the comrade.

Cybersecurity and regularisation of the cyberspace is a global phenomenon as we are in the technological era and Zimbabwe has apparently laced up for the task. The cyberspace has begun to have a bearing on the politics of the day and to leave that lid open would entail some serious repercussions for the Government especially with the youth bulge that seems forgotten.

Some jurisdictions have seen the cybersecurity ministry working hand in glove with intelligence services. Thus, this is a potentially powerful ministry which if utilised right can pass of as an extension of the intelligence ministry of which whose underestimation will be at the detriment of many. It is a public secret that if he spins this one right he will obviously liaise with security apparatus.

The wording alone of the new Ministry…Cyber Security, Threats and Mitigation is self-explanatory. There is the Cyber Crime Bill in waiting which just needs the right nudge for it to take full effect. Maybe this might just be that nudge. If Chinamasa manipulates this ministry for its supposed intended purpose this would mean that issues of cyber surveillance come into the fold and we are all aware of what that means.

Thus, such a reshuffle should not waste much time in making Chinamasa the brunt of bad jokes but instead should be scrutinised as to the effects of such an appointment. Knowing the man that he is, Chinamasa is not one to pass up a good challenge and is probably gloating at the jokes being spewed in the halls and corridors of Twitter and Facebook. Let us be guided accordingly because this ministry did not just fall into his lap from heaven…it is the product of precise orchestration by the master of orchestrations.

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