My 2 Cents on Alcohol Ban


By Kalabash Contributor


I am not an alcoholic but a mere habitual drinker who enjoys beer and sometimes a glass of whiskey every now and then. I am about to share my thoughts on the government’s new move to restrict alcohol consumption. Please give me a benefit of a doubt if I come off as an alcoholic who refuses to accept any change.

The Sunday Mail reports that the government intends to put in structures and policies that will effectively reduce the alcohol consumption on a national scale and one way they would do this which they say is reaching worrying levels is just but another case of misplaced priorities.

Delta beverages remain with a somewhat monopoly in the alcohol manufacturing bit and their financials do not suggest that their business is booming. Like many corporations that continue to keep their doors open, they are barely making ends meet. Once more please forgive me if I come off as the devil’s advocate on this.

In the past decade, Zimbabwe has witnessed even harder illegal drugs making their way into the society to pacify the majority of Zimbabwe’s youth who struggle to shoulder the burdens of this life sober. The burdens that come with staying in Zimbabwe are much worse when you are educated and ambitious yet the odds of unemployment and an education that propels their ambition which isn’t any good when this nation’s odds are stacked against.

In my view the move by government is a classic case of misplaced priorities as there is need to focus on solutions to stop these illegal and lethal yet affordable beverages that are making its way into the black market along with other hard drugs which include pills and the cough syrups that continue to be an alternative to alcohol.

Times are hard, many have found themselves in debt because they cannot afford access to healthcare and they end up at the mercy of the vicious debt collectors and in turn lose their property. Making healthcare accessible and rebuilding the country’s social services which will afford those who cannot pay for healthcare should be high on the agenda as well.

Just like the goods that were banned from being imported into the country but still find their way to the High Table of some political party function. The alcohol ban will not do much, people will get more creative on how they sell alcohol, in fact, the black market will boom when they add to alcohol to list of their contraband.

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