Mugabe’s Playlist


By Kalabash Contributor

During Obama’s time as the President of the United States of America (USA), he released his playlists every now and then which always got tongues wagging. Well, I haven’t come across Trump’s playlist but I bet it will be more interesting. Well, guess who else can go viral with his playlist, our very own President Robert Mugabe.

He has had his hands full lately between running the state and managing the factions there is no time for petty things such as the playlist. All we can do is guess and below are some of the songs we thought they might be on the president’s playlist with help from fellow countrymen.


1. Handiende By Steve Makoni well the self-explanatory title is one that he has continuously told his critics that he is not going anywhere.  The song is about a woman who refuses to leave her matrimonial home after a divorce saying that is the only home she knows and she will not go anywhere for her children’s sake.


2. Vanondibatirana by Fungisayi ft Killer T this is a jam he will probably listen to when he is thinking about the factions that are plotting against him as well as the opposition, yet he remains victorious.


3. Nanhasi by Shingisai Suluma Now this is a song he has been said to love so much, perhaps being grateful to the creator for the long life.


4. Rambai Makashinga by Tambawoga not that he would listen to this song but he may dedicate it to the masses that continue to be affected by the ‘Illegal Western Sanctions’.


5. Mdara Achauya by Jah Prayzah only that this will be one of those songs that you love but got the lyrics wrong and you don’t care. His version would go like “mudhara atouya”


6. The Blair that I know by the late Elliot Manyika this song is ideal for his Excellency when he is on his #TBT mood, Rekindling the era where he threw shade at British Prime minister at the time, Tony Blair. Also ideal when he is recalling all the cadres that have left his side such as The War veterans who disowned him as their patron and senior party members that were expelled in the factional wars.


7. Pamamonya by Soul Jah love this is a song he would listen to because he has heard it a lot at his Rallies as well as when he is pulling his weight in the politburo meetings where he is surrounded by his pot bellied lieutenants.


8. Mungandidii by Takura there is a no price for guessing why this song might be on the playlist.

Surely these can’t be the only songs that his Excellency may listen to, let us know which other songs he may listen to and why?

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