Is Zanu Pf The Only Game In Town?


By Kalabash Contributor

Critics in Zimbabwe’s political scene paint a sad reality that Zanu PF continues to be the only game in town and has been for a long while. I am inclined to agree with these critics following events that took place last Saturday at the President’s Youth Interface Rally where First Lady, Grace Mugabe called out presidential spokesperson George Charamba for influencing bias in the state media coverage.

This sent masses joking about the incident. Once more we found ourselves as the masses having our narrative set by the ruling party, Zanu PF.

Zanu Pf and Mugabe’s firm grip on power hasn’t brought much development to the ordinary person and the factional battles that have been going on are not helping at all. As an old adage goes, when elephants fight, the grass suffers. As the political big wigs are busy at it sabotaging each other every turn they get, hoping to take over power when Mugabe exists has greatly affected the narrative of national development.

One critic once said if there is any language Zanu Pf understands it is chaos, well what are the odds the faction wars are just another smoke screen that will divert the attention of the masses. Remember when Mujuru was booted out of government, at that point everyone was Zanu PF what mattered at that time was which side of Zanu PF.

The magic trick is to divert attention with the right hand while you bring something out with the left hand. Remember how Baba Jukwa diverted attention on the eve of 2013 elections.  Baba Jukwa was so prominent at the time that the opposition was even quoting the shadowy facebook character as the prophet of a new political reign in Zimbabwe.

Now think about the ongoing factions, don’t you have a faction that sympathise with as it is? When a time comes the faction battles will be a secondary issue as they collectively campaign for the party to remain in power.

Zanu Pf has an advantage in the elections and right now they are more prepared to go to elections than any other party. Meanwhile the main opposition, MDC T is having their property attached by the courts over some legal disputes with their former employees.

All this is happening when the opposition front is divided, caught up in coalition talks that are hindered by egos as political players argue on who will take what role in the coalition.

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