Cry Our Beloved Education System!


By Watmore Makokoba

The dehumanising brutal and pitiless treatment exhibited by management and government of Zimbabwe a few weeks ago might have been overtaken by events, but the pain in the medical students will remain a thorn in the flesh not only for them, but the whole world.

Burrowing from mouthful of disgruntlements from former students, Zimbabwe National Student Union leadership and ordinary citizens, tainted linen apparently displayed by the authorities is making public shame which will take a shameless person not to be disgusted by it.

Through its Secretary General, Makomborero Haruzivishe the Zimbabwe National Students Union strongly condemned the brutal attack on UZ Medical students resisting as a deviation from the dictates of the constitution which guarantees freedom of expression and freedom from torture.

“ZINASU is further warning the Border Gezi trained green bombers from brutalising innocent students equipped with only books and pens is outright barbaric and criminal,

“Its terrorist behavior that should never be condoned, we would like to furthermore warn  the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education that we still  demand education for all, grants and academic loans not tuition fees hikes”

One former UZ student who identified himself as Chirenje, following closely the events that took place at campus could not hide his anger.

“We witnessed an act of madness, a clear violation of the constitutional rights and an act of stupidity made by the UZ Administration as they crushed and silenced a peaceful protest cum academic action over unjustified fees increments. This is inhumane and degrading treatment and a clear violation of the supreme law and principles of democracy in Zimbabwe,

“It is cognisance therefore for the UZ Administration to note that protests are not meant to necessitate violence but to express dissatisfaction and can be used to pressure your devilish administration to change its policies”, he said.

Gift Ostalos Siziba a former ZINASU Leader and human rights defender recalled the days when he was still a student, chronicling the same lawless encounter with law enforcement agencies after engaging in protest of the same nature.

“Some 2 years ago when l was in the SRC we demonstrated against fees hikes and students oppression leading to the shutdown of the same, l shared my sentiments around the Vice criminal’s callousness and inhuman behaviour at that historic epoch,

“Tuition fee is exorbitant and that is a hard reality that we have to deal with, fight my beloved comrades,

“The struggle in UZ is our struggle!”

In the same prose, former student Lenin Tinashe, a former law student had no kind words but wonder where the pledge for free education by current political leaders had vanished to.

“As a former member of the Student Executive Council at UZ myself, I don’t understand why the current student leadership even agreed to the fee arrangement in the first place. What happened to the struggle for free education?” he said.

An old African idiom which goes “Don’t wash your linen in public”, without dwelling much on its meaning can make a lot of sense if it’s given to the faceless law enforcement agencies and the Nyagura administration who infamously displayed their wanton lawlessness for everyone to behold.

Now the writing is clearly on the wall in black and white, the government of Zimbabwe is far away from valuing the rule of law, let alone respecting and paying attention to the plight of students.

Cry our beloved education system!

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