How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mugabe Donating $1 Million To The African Union


By Watmore Makokoba

President of Zimbabwe (93) has donated US$1 million to the African Union purportedly to help the continental organisation to foster independence from donor funds, although this has been received with praises from some circles, widespread condemnation of the act rather speak of the act as a blooper and deviation from priority.

Human right defender and leader of ZimbabweYadzoka, a citizen movement currently in a massive rural voter education and mobilization said the gesture by Mugabe demonstrates the high level of insensitivity of this government on its people. “We are told Zimbabwe is broke and we can see nothing is moving in the country but our head of state is generously donating to AU.

“To those few who were still under a shadow of doubt, it is very clear that with Mugabe we are not going anywhere,

“He is not concerned with our problem, he doesn’t speak about our problems, “A week ago in Masvingo, he told unemployed youths to go and herd cattle, this shows you the insensitivity of our leadership, “Our people are tired and as we go around the rural communities the suffering is obvious” said Chimhutu.

“Our people are tired and as we go around the rural communities the suffering is obvious” said Chimhutu.

DR Maxwell Shumba, President of Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) described the gesture as a bribe to AU and daylight robbery to the people of Zimbabwe.

“Stealing our money to bribe AU, Mugabe decides to donate looted money to give AU money to buy their silence, “It shows how heartless he is. Zimbabweans are living in sub-human conditions ranging from the effects of a collapsed health sector, industry, and transport system and amid cash shortages,

“What does Mugabe do? Show the world what that he does. Or care about the citizens he purports to lead,

“I condemn strongly AU for accepting the bribe, this  action has no place in modern society and  that it is morally bankrupt, shame on both Mugabe and AU, “Once again Zimbabweans have been left to be skinned alive and by the dictatorship bent on rigging and bring those shown are supposed to call them out,

“The faster Zimbabweans know that we are on our own the better because we need to unite against this criminal behavior by Mugabe”, said Dr. Shumba.

The Zimbabwe Communist Party (ZCP) dismissed the donation as mere way to portray President Mugabe as a Pan-Africanist who wants to ensure that Africa is not dependent on institutions and governments outside Africa and secondly to reinforce the pretense that Zimbabwe has implemented a successful land reform programme.

“This in our view is hypocrisy of the highest order given the number of Zimbabwean migrants who are scattered all over the world in search of a better life due to the economic collapse caused by the plunder by the parasitic black bourgeoisie, the social class whose interests the ZANU(PF) government represents,

“People are dying because of the lack of drugs in our country. Students from poor communities cannot access schooling given the high fees charged by the Mugabe regime,

“We cannot donate our scanty resources to the AU when Zimbabweans are reduced to unprecedented poverty levels!” said Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena, spokesperson of ZCP.

The 1 million dollars is reported to have been raised after auctioning of Mugabe’s 300 cattle, practically and mathematically raising eyebrows that one beast must have been sold at more than $3000 yet on average, a cow would cost about $350-$400 in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with a German radio station, Zanu PF Chairman and Politburo member Simon Khaya Moyo, however, commended this as a good and strategic gesture as it would help AU to be self-sustaining.


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