#Tajamuka Explains It’s Planned National Week Of Peaceful Action


by Watmore Makokoba

Spokesperson of #Tajamuka  Promise Mkwananzi has warned Zimbabwe law enforcement agents that interfering with lawful and peaceful demonstration scheduled to start tomorrow is what will disturb the intended peacefulness of the one demonstrations.

Mkwananzi said the national week of peaceful action & non-violent resistance is within the confinements of the constitution, therefore the outcome of the demo, whether it will be violent or peaceful will be determined by the regime reaction to it.

“If they don’t provoke us, it will end peacefully, even the police officers who are here they must take this message to their bosses that we don’t expect the demo to be violent, we have already notified the police about it”.

The activists added that one of the main agendas of the protests is to push for electoral reforms to ensure free and fair 2018 General Elections.

“We want to make sure that the government is accountable for the country to have a free & fair election, therefore, are going to push for the much needed electoral reforms”, he said.

The #tajamuka activists denied having any intentions to use violence to air their views and urged its affiliated members to desist from such amid alleged threats from Zanu Pf youths who are said to have already threatened to counter the demo.

“Any person who’s going to be violent is not part of us,

“Zanu-PF youth have already said they are going to counter the protest but we’re calling for peaceful protests”,  they said.

The countrywide National Week of Peace and Action protests breaks a long silent period since last year’s  infamous demonstrations from an array of activists including the National Electoral Reform Agenda members, #Thisflag and informal sector representative organisations that saw bloody clashes between protestors and law enforcements agents.

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