Create your own jobs …but vote for me in 2018


By Kalabash Contributor 

In the papers today, our very own President Mugabe has called upon the masses to create their own jobs which is a change of heart following the 2.2 million jobs that were promised in his campaign for 2013 elections.

Zimbabwe is on the eve of another election year, those promised jobs still haven’t been created.
For once honesty and accepting failure may be a good start, over being politically correct at the cost of the people.

Mugabe is quoted in the Newsday saying, “We want people to create jobs for themselves and not wait to be given work. Create jobs and employ others, we do not want people to just cry for jobs. Let’s have less tears and more sweat. ”

The people have been sweating Mr. President, overworked and underpaid is a statement that sums up the lives of the ordinary Zimbabweans. The informal sector has thrived but the government hasn’t done much to make sure it reaches its full potential.

It is the duty of the government to create jobs and an atmosphere that makes it easy for people to start up their own initiatives without a lot of hustle. As it is registering a company is a mission, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) will not spare you. There is no access to loans, neither is it easy to rope in a foreign investor. Heck, the government hasn’t done much to change the perception of investors on Zimbabwe.

Economically strained Zimbabweans that decide to the still earn an honest living despite the circumstances will have his/her government working against them. It’s not a secret the job creation pitch contributed to the Zanu Pf’s “landslide victory” in 2013 and the Zanu Pf government has dismally failed serve for a few propaganda pieces that have thousands and some millions of jobs, along with the major deals that have materialized into nothing.

The unemployment rate is estimated at over 80 percent and companies are still closing shop. So many promises have been broken, one can only wonder what more promises will be made in the coming elections.  Slogans like “upfumi kuvanhu” (wealth to the people) will not work, maybe a repeat of “Bhora Mughedi” (Ball in the goal post), a campaign that nearly cost them a win will work as politics is just that to Zanu Pf, a Game!

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